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The following stories are from my Red Baron 3D single Player campaigns that were made with the help of the Campaign Manager 1.0 and 1.1 from "vonTom". Also, I will include, from time to time, screen captures, made with Hypersnap DX. I hope you find the stories interesting. As a disclaimer, please try not to be alarmed by any perceived bigotry, either implied or otherwise. Any statements are pure fiction, and are just a manner of injecting a feeling for the period in question.
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Then Feldwebel Himmelstoss brings down a Farman F40, in flames.

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2nd Lt. Robert Williams' First Kill.

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2Lt. Williams' FE8 on the way to his 16th victory

Reports and letters of 2nd Lt. Robert Williams, 1 Squadron, RFC ACTIVE
Reports and letter of Lt. Heinrich Himmelstoss, Jasta 10 Luftstreitkräfte ACTIVE
Reports and letters of Oblt. Bruno Stachel, KEK Douai, Luftstreitkräfte DECEASED
Reports and letters of Lt. Geoffrey Hawks, MC, No. 29 Squadron RFC DECEASED
Reports and Letters of Lt. Karl von Hess, Jasta 2 Luftstreitkräfte DECEASED
Reports and Letters of Maj. D. Rothstein, VC*, DSO**, MC, No. 23 Squadron RAF Retired
Reports and Letters of Lt. Ajit Singh, MC, No. 40 Squadron RFC POW

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