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All-American Name, All-American Deal! .US just $3.99.

Combat Reports and Letters

Just one of the many things you can do with Campaign Manager. A collection of combat reports, with personal letters and inter-unit memorandum tossed in for the the "Role-Play-Game" effect. I've also added screen captures taken with Hypersnap-DX.

Red Baron II/3D Yahoo Group

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Before we go to the links, I have a couple of "tricks" that some of you might be interested in. For those of you who have RB3D, and don't want to worry about wearing out your disk, Or, just don't want to have to put it in the drive, I bring your attention to the graphic below.

How to PLAY RBII/3D WITHOUT using your CD.

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Above is what you see if you try to run RB3D without having the CD in the CD-ROM drive. You notice there are four Iron Crosses, one in each corner. IF you click on the one in the upper right hand corner (The one with the little red carets under it) six (6) times the game will play without the CD. Now, you may find some of the animations missing, and you either do without, or copy them from the CD to your hard drive, and you're all set. Otherwise, this really Only plays correctly IF you use the LARGE install for the game.

This came from one of the former members of the Dynamix team, Scott Rudi.  Thanks very much Scott.  I think this little hint has saved me from ruining my RB3D CD!!

How to UPGRADE the "VALUE LINE" Version of RBII to RB3D.

The next trick is for those of you who may have bought the Red Baron "2" game, and wish to upgrade it with the Super patch to RB3D.
These are the instructions to get your game to work that way.

1) Open the Registry Editor (run 'regedit')
3) Expand 'Software'
4) Expand 'Sierra On-Line'
5) Expand 'Red Baron 2'
6) Create a new key off of Sierra On-Line called 'Red Baron II'
7) Copy, word for word, every string in 'Red Baron 2' into 'Red Baron II'.
There is 'cddir', 'workdir', 'version' and another key named the same as the entry for 'version'.
8) Close the Registry Editor.
9) Run the Super Patch.

Credit for this one is to B. Massey.

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NOT a Red Baron 3D site, but an informational site about Billy Bishop, the 3rd highest scoring ace of WWI, and the highest scoring ace of the British Empire, and Canada.

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Ok, this is not about Red Baron II/3D either, but it's on the subject of WWI aerial combat. Fight In The Skies/Dawn Patrol has been around for a long time. It's still supported by it's designer, Mike Carr, and the FITS Society. I think it's worth checking out.

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The Promised Land!!!

Is no more. However, many of their files or links to where you can find them are at:

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The Aerodrome, Aircraft and Aces of World War One.
The Aerodrome is all about the aircraft and fighter Aces of World War I. They have the most comprehensive list of WWI Fighter Aces I have seen so far. And there is a forum there where you can post messages on topics such as your favorite ace, or aircraft or ask other questions that you've always wanted to know, such as WHO really shot down the Red Baron!! Check it out, just click on the icon!!
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WWI Document Archive

Unfortunately, von Tom's, as well as many other RBII/3D pages appear to be down. I suppose this was inevitable as RBII/3D advances in age.

BUT, fortunately, I still have both versions of the Campaign manager. As well as other files. Below are what I currently have available for download.

The Download Files

The Western Front Patch Files

Created by the Society of WWI Sim Artisans

This file is BIG. Also, it is recommended that you use Campaign Manager version 1.1 with this patch. This is a date based patch, and it swaps planes in and out of the available slots in RBII/3D. The latest version is numbered "2". Makes me wonder what happened, the last version I had was 7.1! icon_smile.gif - 174 Bytes

Western Front Patch (64 megs)
WFP Sounds (148k)

Cm11: (2.04mb) This is the 2nd known version of Campaign manager that I know of. If anyone knows of any later versions, please let me know.

cmbeta10: (2.05mb) The first version of the Campaign Manager, that I am aware of.

VBRUN300.DLL: If you don't have it, you'll need this file to run Campaign Manager (both versions). As the size is 390kb, unzipped, I decided not to zip this file. It goes in your Windows directory.

CMBeta10 Update: (67kb) This corrects some problems with the first version. I don't know what the problems were.

new2.gif - 111 BytesCampaign Manager beta 1.0 update 1.3: This was a long lost update to the Campaign Manager, recently found by von Tom, and first released on Wings of Honor (see Promised Land section above).

new2.gif - 111 BytesPatchlists for CM1.3: This is to fix a problem with the 1.3 update.

new2.gif - 111 BytesRed Baron 3D Patch Manager 1.4 Final 3:This is intended to replace/supplement von Tom's Campaign Manager. It is the designer's hope that it fixes any problems/shortcommings in the Campaign Manager. They say it is completely CM 1.1 compatible. Let me know what you find out.

new2.gif - 111 BytesRB3D Reference Card: This is the reference card for Red Baron 3D. It is in PDF format, and you'll need a reader for it, which is typically free.

new2.gif - 111 BytesRed Baron 3D Manual:This is the manual for RB3D, also in PDF format. This file and the reference card can also be found at Wings-of-Valor.net. As a matter of fact, most of the files here, can also be found at Wings of Valor.

The "dempatch": (704kb) This file adds some small utilities such as different sound and such, and it has some important modifications that are useful with UOP3.0.  

Mappatch: (1.75mb) Four maps that add the names of all the fields used in RB3D. I don't know who did this originally, if you're out there, let me know and I'll make sure you get proper credit.

Red Baron II/3D Squadron Editor: (43kb) This program lets you change what planes show up when in which squadrons. It does not work very well with date based mods. It only recognizes the original plane set.

EndItAll: (9kb) Is a nice little freeware utility that will let you shut down selected programs on your Windows 95/98/ME system with only a couple of clicks. I hope you like it.

RB3D First Aid Kit Beta 101: (2.4mb) This file will help get RB3D running on faster PCs. It addresses video, sound, joystick, and game speed issues. The kit contains a "wizard" program that can help you install the appropriate programs and files, based on your PC’s hardware and software configurations. The "wizard" can also uninstall "first aid kit" files and programs. The "RB3D1078.exe" patch is also included.

Invisible cockpit: (96kb) This patch hides all the cockpit features except for the gauges. This allows players that do not have Glide graphics cards and therefore do not have the transparent cockpit feature to have better visibility. This is a self-extracting (.exe) zip file.

RB2Beta patch (1.8mb) To the best of my knowledge, this was the very first patch that came out for Red Baron II. It fixed several things, and basically made the game playable for the first time, since it was released. This is here for those of us who want to remember what it was first like to play RBII, without the 3D effects.

Red Baron Super Patch: (11.2mb) This patch will upgrade your Red Baron II game to Red Baron 3D. You do NOT need this file if you already have Red Baron 3D. Be sure to run the rb3d1078.exe upgrade patch after running this file.

Red Baron 3D upgrade Patch: (1.44mb) This is the upgrade to Red Baron 3D that includes multiplayer capability. You must run this upgrade in order to log on to on-line servers. Run this upgrade after installing Red Baron 3D. If you have Red Baron II, you must upgrade to 3D with the "Super Patch" first before using this upgrade.

General work around hints: (7kb) This document, written by Brooks Martin, describes several methods for getting USB joysticks, sound cards, and Red Baron to work together.

CH Products utilities

CH Control Manager: (3.30 mb) This is version 3.5 of the USB control manager software utility.  If you use CH USB controllers, like Fighter Stick, Combat Stick 568, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals or their new Throttle Quadrant, then you need this program.

CH Control Manager Utility Pack :(3.96 mb) This program adds a number of utilities and is compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, XP and ME, as long as CM Control Manager 3.5 or later is installed.

Why do I need it? You don't need the Utility Pack but you will want the Utility Pack. Some of the features from the Utilities are…

CM Control Center
  • Taskbar access to download maps
  • Taskbar access to change Mapper modes
  • Taskbar access to launch your games
  • Ability to configure a Windows start up Map/Mode

CM Map Printing Utility

  • Prints a picture of each device in you map
  • Labels buttons and axis in print out
  • Can print to a JPEG file or your Printer
  • Black and white or color printouts

CM Map Listing Utility

  • Prints a text only list of your devices
  • Labels buttons and axis in the list
  • Can be read on-screen or saved to a text document


If you find there are any other files you need, but you can't find them, email me and I'll up load them here as long as I have the space.

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